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Two online reviews of the the debut album: Musical Discoveries (online magazine from USA) und DURP (German rock & pop & prog music mag)! Both are in English.
Lili's new guitar is real hot stuff: an Italia Mondial from Great Britain...
have a look at the Mondial

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WILDEVE is the synonym for original and timeless songs. Lead singer and songwriter Lili is also multi-instrumentalist (electric and acoustic guitars, keyboards, piano, violin). The strength of the band is the excellent songwriting and the arrangement of their songs. This power sound of WILDEVE's music – influenced by many genres such as rock, folk and alternative – grabs the listener. This stuff is far away from boring mainstream, nevertheless it's melodious, soft, hard.

 The music is characterised by atmospheric density, the chorus lines never get out of your ears. Lead singer Lili got an impressive versatile voice. But WILDEVE can also be seen on stage since 1996 and convince the audience – just see the live critiques!

WILDEVE played with The Coalminers' Beat, Yeti Girls, Die Happy, Kinderzimmer Productions, Dead Poets, Jule Neigel Band, Werner Danneman, etc. The band played at festivals with headliners such as H-Blockx, Farmer Boys or Madonna HipHop Massaker.

Lili ... the voice



2010 to present: mp3 digital downloads worldwide.

Lili continues to write and record songs with Hayo Well from 2003 - 2006, mastering in 2007, artwork and design from 2007-2008, new album out in late 2008.

28.01.2004 Production and mix of the brandnew songs, done at Jowa Studios, are finished. The first reactions are very promising. Involved in this recording were Rüdiger Prokosch on drums, Juergen Beck on bass, and on guitars Oliver Buck. And Lili threw in some guitar parts as well. So now the new album is complete. 
08.09.2003 After vacation and summer break the last parts for Lili's new songs ("Dream of My Life" and "A Single Day"). We are all anxious to hear the great results!
16.05.2003 Two brandnew songs are coming into being, while produced  by Hayo Well with Lili in the Jowa Studio near Göppingen. Stay tuned... 
05.02.2003 New live pictures of the gig at Sindelfingen Klosterseehalle,
Christmas 2002. For a few pic, just click here. More photographs
from the memorable "Halle" concert are to follow!
WILDEVE's Lili live on stage

23.12.2002  Following the positive feedback of last year, WILDEVE is again invited to the traditional Christmas concert in Sindelfingen. More than 1000 people are expected.

25.10.2002 New live pics from the gigs at Goeppingen and Aalen. Here you can see a few of them. lili_on_guitars_at_gp

24.09.2002 The review about Aalen (in German) Open Air "Reichstädter Tage"!

26.05.2002 Two press reviews about the recent two gigs (in German, translations will follow)!>>NWZ and Concertnews (report by Thomas Feldmann).
Link to Concertnews.de
(photo series & video sequences)
Lili live @ Esslingen
© Thomas.Feldmann@concertnews.de 2002

27.03.2002Reviews: For the official press review of the Horb gig click here, and here for the scan. Moreover, Stuttgart based journalist and photographer Thomas Feldmann wrote an article, read more... Both are in German but translations will follow soon. Thomas' photo series you can see here. Two small tasters:
have a look into the Rainbow... (Vergrößerung 344 KB) lili@rainbow02 (Vergrößerung 310 KB)
© Thomas.Feldmann@concertnews.de 2002

24.03.2002Review: Full house for WILDEVE at the "Rainbow" in Horb. The cult club was absolutely crammed with people! Also the traditional British double-decker bus as backstage facility lent the whole event some kind of Woodstock mood. Thanks also to support Green Leaf!
12.03.2002  Hot News... It was already seething in the underground for some time – now it came true: A great rhythm section complements WILDEVE: drummer J. P. Stables and bass player Bob Kachler. Check also the "band" page!

26.02.2002  On Monday, a very good press review was published. The German text is here. a scan and a translation will follow.

20.02.2002News!! Soon the new studio album will be released. It'll be a special "limited edition", probably with 13 tracks.

18.01.2002  Lili in full colour on the frontpage of the newspaper "Boeblinger Zeitung"! Gosh, even though the paper guys forgot to put a name to the photo! But next time... Here's the scan.
31.12.2001  Thomas Feldmann produced a nice photo report of the LKA Longhorn gig in July on his Concertnews.de pages, just have a look at them – featuring also many international alternative/metal/grunge etc. bands! (in German). You can see a small choice here.
31.12.2001  Recently, three new songs came into being: "Dream of My Life", "Flying High" and "A Quite New Feeling". Because these songs were real crackers on the stage, so the band will at least record two of them in January. And because so many people asked for a new album at concerts: YES, there will definitely be a new album in this year 2002!
27.12.2001  Review: A extraordinary end of 2001s live gigs and the short four dates "Christmas Tour 2001" was the show at the Sindelfinger venue "Klosterseehalle" with more than 1000 people & other bands. Comment of the booker regarding WILDEVE's gig: "Super!" The other clubs were also crammed with people, as in the "Why Not" and in the "Touch".
19.12.2001  WILDEVE contributes the track "Borderline" for the "TEAM" brochure & CD sampler, a beneficial project against racism. On the CD you can find selected artists ranging from hip hop to, such as rapper Phillie MC, Irean 
or Gekko. 5800 copies of the CD are distributed to schools, youth clubs and other youth facilities.
14.12.2001  News!! Big interest would exist for WILDEVE's version von Mike Oldfields superhit "Moonlight Shadow", as Mike Oldfield specialist Alexander Schweigert of the German information service "Deutscher Mike-Oldfield-Nachrichtendienst" tells us. (Check also the guestbook.) Alex moreover made a reference to WILDEVE on his website. Well, let's see what will happen...
17.11.2001  New background singer with WILDEVE: Tanja Eble, coming from Esslingen, joins the band.
14.10.2001  The first semi-unplugged gig with the new line-up worked out fine. The enthusiastic audience called for four encores!! 
12.09.2001  Attention!! Because of the horrible terror attacks in New York and Washington the entire city festival of Goeppingen, and therefore also our gig, was cancelled! Booker says, gig will be repeated next year.
31.07.2001  News!! Charly Wilfers book "Das Lexikon der deutschen Liveszene" ("A Dictionary of the German Live Scene") is featuring WILDEVE with a photograph and a great entry. In the book you can find all the big names of the German rock scene: Farmer Boys, Die Happy, Glow, Fiddlers Green, De/Vision, Fünf Sterne Deluxe, Brings, Guano Apes, Bell, Book & Candle, Mouse on Mars, H-Blockx, etc. (ISBN 3-89602-266-0, Lexikon Imprint Verlag) 

New bassist Ralf Baumann joins the band (ex-Schoenfeld).
25.05.2001  "Dreams From Heaven" entered position #22 of the Virtual-Volume-Charts only a few days after its mp3 start in September 2000 – without ANY promotion whatsoever! WOW!!! A few titles of the new tracks are: "In My Dreams", "Eternal Rain", "Dreams from Heaven", "Big Bird-Brain", "Refugee", "Take a Chance" oder "Song About a Guy Called R.", "Thousand Years","Into the Light" oder "Love Is Here". And a genius cover version of Mike Oldfield's evergreen "Moonlight Shadow"! (Er, here the maestro should risk a listen!)





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lili ... the voice

Lili at Longhorn_LKA

ALEX at LKA Dec 2001

WILDEVE live at LKA Dec 2001