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Below you can find an interview with WILDEVE's singer Lili, published in the underground magazine S.R.M. #33, 2/97. Ain't very "new" but we thought it's of interest to our visitors...
This is a question which certainly was part of thousands of rock music interviews in history. But once again: When did you start with music?

Very early; I was seven years old when I started playing piano, and then I had ten years of classical training. Later I played violin and guitar, and I sang. At the age of nineteen I had my first local rock band, and I started to write songs. I recorded demos now and then, and later on participated in CD productions of other people. But now I can do what I already wanted to do for a long time. This surely was a process of maturity which took a long time. However, all the experiences I made enabled me to learn constantly. Meanwhile, I think I have found my way of expressing myself, after I worked with various musical styles such as dancefloor, pop or mainstream rock.

How was the cooperation with the record label, regarding thingslike doing what you want in musical and artistic terms?

Actually, good. I could do what I wanted to do. But it took some time to find the right musicians for the production. Perhaps you don't believe it, but it's really difficult to find the right people, people who don't just jabber on and on, but actually do something.

Your song lyrics are completely written in English language. Why?

I think the German language sounds a bit angular. Apart from that, it's very difficult to write really good German lyrics. Most people can't do that. It's also important for me that people in foreign countries can understand the lyrics, and out there English is, above all in the field of rock and pop music, the world language.

Does music mean a lot to you?

I can best express myself in music. I can't anymore imagine a life without music, and everything that is connected with it. The whole thing is a kind of communication, within music you can say everything without being ashamed. You can get everything off your chest. You can express so many things which ain't possible with words.

What kind of feedback have you got since your album was released?

It was very good so far. We got loads of positive reviews, also in big magazines such as Fachblatt Musikmagazin. The consequence was that we got many good gigs, more than we expected. Naturally, we have to do a lot of things by ourselves because a small label doesn't have the financial means to do the necessary promotion.

A track like "Eternalize" features hard guitars in an alternative style. Are you influenced somewhat by that genre?

Well, I like to listen to bands such as Garbage, Bush or Soundgarden. What fascinates me with that kind of music is the dark, the melancholic aspect. Nevertheless, I think those bands sometimes neglect melodies, they emphasize rhythm. For me, it's important to have good melodies and mood in the songs. Maybe I striving for a synthesis of rhythm and melody. However, melody should always be the more important part of the songs. I mean, many songs of grunge bands are, in my opinion, too harsh with too sharp contrasts. I don't want to make the songs complex in a forced way. Moreover, I want to create music that many people can understand.


(published in: Sophisticated Rock Magazine (SRM) No.33, 2/97)