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LKA Stuttgart/Wangen Juli 2001
Live at NEUFFEN 1999stratocaster flights
Tanja & Ralf LKA Stgtt_211201

WILDEVE in concert 2002

19.05.2001 Horb-Altheim/Rainbow 
24.05.2001 Kirchheim unter Teck/Touch
09.06.2001 Kuchen/Uno
13.07.2001 Stuttgart/LKA Longhorn 
25.08.2001 Gechingen/Lerchenhof open air concert
15.09.2001 Göppingen/Stadtfest
cancelled due to the terror acts in USA!
13.10.2001 Eislingen/Adler 
10.11.2001 Göppingen/OP-Stauferpark 
20.12.2001 Kirchheim unter Teck/Touch  "Christmas Tour 2001"
21.12.2001 Stuttgart/LKA Longhorn         "Christmas Tour 2001"
22.12.2001 Göppingen/Why Not             "Christmas Tour 2001"
26.12.2001 Sindelfingen/Klosterseehalle  "Christmas Tour 2001"
05.01.2002 Kuchen/Uno cancelled!
23.02.2002 Aalen/Café Podium 
16.03.2002 Aalen/Musiknacht O'Brian
23.03.2002 Horb-Altheim/Rainbow
06.04.2002 Eislingen/Ambiente postponed
20.04.2002 Geislingen/Clubsmühle
02.05.2002 Tübingen/Club Parterre 
11.05.2002 Kirchheim-T./Auferstehungskirche - Fète de la Musique
24.05.2002 Reichenbach/Die Halle 
25.05.2002 Esslingen/Die Zwiebel
08.06.2002 Böblingen/Schoenaicher First open air concert 
27.07.2002 Hainsfarth/Kraterfestival Open Air 
28.07.2002 Salach/Rock im Dorf Open Air
14.09.2002 Göppingen/Stadtfest Schloßwaldbühne Open Air
14.09.2002 Aalen/Reichstädter Tage Open Air 
21.09.2002 Tübingen/Private Gig
10.10.2002 Kirchheim unter Teck/Touch 
19.10.2002 Denkendorf/Focus
26.12.2002 Sindelfingen/Klosterseehalle

...further gigs in preparation...
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As the last band of the evening WILDEVE showed a living proof of their musical abilities. Their individual style received a great response from the audience, even though showteime was late.
[pm | Nürtinger Zeitung 27.07.1999]

Folk pop songs with hit potential. Songs like wie ‘Eternal Rain’ or ‘Touch and Go’ are bursting with a great mood.

"The new line-up convinced the fans -- for the first time WILDEVE hit the stage at the 'Adler' in Meidelstetten last Saturday. The recent line-up already ensured itself a high position as a live act. Already for the CD which was released in 1996 the band received praise nationwide, and Lili's songs improved a lot. The band is working on a new album, and got really secret hits in their repertoire."
[ALBBOTE, Südwestpresse, 18th May 1998]

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  Live and Studio guests:
Torsten Hörnig -- electric & acoustic guitars; Stefan Neser -- drums; Stephan Amrein -- keyboards [10EYES];
Sandro Guidati -- bass guitars; Basti Hollschwandner -- bass guitars [SHEEP]; Hardy Philipp -- drums [ex-SOUL RADIO]; Dave Napolitano [OWN] -- electric guitars, bass; Daniel Steudel -- bass; Gäste: Wolfgang Frieß -- drums [ex-GALLERY], Holly Wendt -- guitars; Ralf Kufner -- keyboards; Jochen Schwenk -- acoustic guitar; Aljosa "Joscha" Osmanovic (ex-OP3) -- bass & fretless bass; °Jochen Schwenk-- acoustic guitars [BOWEN]; ^A. Brenner -- acoustic guitars [C-RED]; °°R. Leichtle - percussion, additional backings: Sandra Lens & Brigitte Mavro

Line-up of "Touch and Go" see Diskographie!



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