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live in 1991
A look back: WILDEVE's singer Lili live in early years.


more photographs from the vaults are to follow...

WILDEVE is the band of young German singer/songwriter Lili Plieninger. Lili came in touch with music very early. From the age of seven she played piano, later on violin and guitar. Shortly afterwards, she took singing lessons. Until 1991, Lili was playing with various local rock bands. Since the beginning of th 90s she pursued solo projects, produced her own songs and sold a couple of songs to the producer of German pop singer Mandy WINTER.
She did vocals for commercials as well as for several dancefloor CD productions. On her demo recordings, she worked with professional guest musicians, for example with
Werner Dannemann (South Germany's big name in rock & blues), or with Oliver Mindner and Jan Müller of heavy outfit ABRAXAS (CD The Liaison, Teichiku Rec., Japan; recently reissued as remaster via LMP/SPV). With musician and producer Clive NOLAN (ARENA [ex-MARILLION], SHADOWLAND, PENDRAGON etc.), Lili produced the track "Memory" in England at Thin Ice Studios. On that occasion, Karl GROOM, member and guitarist of the well-known British prog metal band THRESHOLD, joined them on guitars.

Thin Ice Studios, Maidenhead 1993
Thin Ice Studios, Maidenhead 1993
At the same time, Lili appeared as guest vocalist on the CD Casino, which Nolan produced in London then. A year later, Lili was again doing backings at British sound recording studios Thin Ice, this time for the CD production Infinity Parade, second album by British progressive rock act LANDMARQ. Above you can see two snapshots taken at the “original“ Thin Ice Studios, then based in Maidenhead between London and Reading. (The studio is now located in Surrey.) From left to right: Dave Wagstaffe (Landmarq), Lili, Uwe D'Röse (Landmarq, upper head), Clive Nolan (lower head), and Karl Groom (the handsome young man...). Below it’s almost the same line-up. Photographs were shot during the recording of the background vocals for the song "Embrace", spring 1993.
Lili gathered further studio experience when she did several demo productions with various well-known producers such as James HERTER (Atlantis Studios; ex-ZOMBY WOOF, of TWO OF US-fame, HUBERT K. etc), Hardy HEINLIN (Marquee Studios; MINK STOLE, SCHWEISSER, IVANHOE, SCARLET, RESISTORS, MEMENTO MORI, LOVE LIKE BLOOD etc.), and others.
WILDEVE was then founded in summer 1995, and the band's name was chosen during the following winter. In the beginning of 1996, WILDEVE was signed by indy label WMMS, located in northern Germany. At that time, Lili formed the line-up for the band. The group's name was taken from the name of a character, who appears in the novel The Return of the Native by Thomas Hardy, a renowned British novelist of the 19th century. In summer '96 the production for the first album took place at the well-known Marquee Studios in Pfullingen, Germany.

WILDEVE's debut album Touch and Go was released in the fall of 1996. Since then, WILDEVE's album got a lot of positive reviews and reactions from the press and music fans, national and international. For more recent news and retrospective see also "welcome" & "band" page.



Photos (c) 1991-1993 Markus Schurr, 
Photo 2001 (c) Michael Heyde Fotowerk Nürtingen