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Here you can find reviews of the first album.

the big magazines
"WILDEVE is a promising talent... The band even includes alternative sounds, and a lot of the titles have the quality of indy hits. It shouldn’t amaze us, if Touch and Go is going to be a surprising success, for the voice of the singer is comparable with Dolores O’Riordan and Alanis Morissette." [ZILLO 3/97]

"[WILDEVE] have a many real hits in their repertoire. Songs like ,Touch and Go’, the rocker ,What a Man’ or ,City Rain’ are better than 90 percent of that stuff which VIVA or MTV present us every day."

Touch and Go is a collection of lovely songs which sound as if the sky, covered with rain clouds, is full of pianos, keyboards and guitars. [VISIONS 3/97] 

"On her album, the singer is able to convince the listener with quiet and contemplative sounds." [BREAK OUT 4/97]

"Why is one always tempted to push a newcomer -- with a ‘that’s just a wash-out anyway’ -- into the background when the artist comes from one’s own country? That’s really stupid. At least in the case of Wildeve alias Lili Plieninger, who is presenting with the CD Touch and Go her impressing debut album -- provided that you are a lover of quieter guitar and keyboard sounds. But such people are still supposed to exist.
You could, of course, draw a parallel to Tori Amos, Cranberries or early Kate Bush. Yet let Lili Plieninger just speak for herself. Touch and Go consists of ten wonderful musical gems with a quiet prevailing mood and vivid lyrics. Lili can do it, whether the music is quiet, rock, or folk. Listen, discover and enjoy."
[FACHBLATT MUSIK-MAGAZIN 7/97; 5 out of 5 points]

"On her debut album, the guitarist und keyboardist not only proves that she has a powerful and remarkable voice, but that she has got what it takes to be a songwriter."
[LIFT Stuttgart 4/97; 4 out of 5 points, No. 7 in LIFT-charts]

"Names like Heather Nova, or Suzanne Vega, are leading [WILDEVE] along their musical way. (...) Sometimes the music actually comes close to the related alternative rock music."

"This lady has a flexible voice which she uses in an impressive manner.  This can particularly be heard with the quiet songs, which are at times only accompanied by piano. Here Lili proves that she is a first-class singer. Touch and Go includes influences from the seventies as well as from the area of folk and singer/songwriter which result in an outstanding mixture." [HEAVY ODER WAS? 3/97]

"[The singer] interprets piano ballads, songs with lots of guitars, and pretty aggressive tracks, with a voice which is clear as a bell, almost ethereal." [PRINZ Stuttgart 5/97]

"With Cranberries, Heather Nova and Alanis Morissette we enjoyed a pleasant boom of good female voices. It also confirmed that women perhaps don’t write the heavier songs but the better melodies.
Lili Plieninger displays her experience of many years as a session musician: A clear voice, a large use of acoustic guitars and piano as well as the skills for good songwriting.WILDEVE gets the same emotion into her songs as an O’Connor does it, and the tracks are beginning to revive with the personality of a great musician. Anybody who likes good melodies, perfect singing und a lot of female personality, this is the album for you." [INTRO - Das Musikmagazin 4/97]

"The voice of singer Lili Plieninger is the most important element on the album Touch and Go of WILDEVE. Her accessible rock and pop is inspired by blues and folk, and it gets even better when you listen to it again and again. The band is increasingly booked for gigs."

"The German counterpart of Sinead O’Connor or Cranberries.“
[DIABOLO, Oldenburg 1/97]

"Not just the songwriting is convincing, but also Lili's vocal changeability and her intensity. Keep at it, Lili!" [AUDIMAX 2/97; four out of five points]
*this magazine has an edition of 409.800 copies!!

„WILDEVE [have] released a first class album with Touch and Go."
[NEUE WÜRTTEMBERGISCHE ZEITUNG, 22.3.1997; 4 out of 5 points]

the underground
"Behind WILDEVE hides singer Lili Plieninger, who already worked as a background singer for CD productions of Landmarq and Casino [in England]. The ten tracks are characterized by a relaxed singer/songwriter feeling. The songs with a rock line-up were cleverly mixed in a way that they still have a strong acoustic feeling. Because of that the CD sounds like a unified whole.“ [EMPIRE 1/97]

„The first high-quality German songwriter. The debut album guarantees well arranged rock and pop songs with an expressive voice. Cranberries unplugged and far better than their recent album To the Faithful Departed.“ [CARPE DIEM 5/97]

"The creativity and the voice is really remarkable. So for example the opener 'What a Man' or the last track 'Eternalize' sound very actual, almost like a mixture between Cranberries and Tori Amos. This is a well balanced and very personal album. For a debut record, it's amazingly mature and thought-out -- yet one never misses spontaneity."

The tracks have a taste of aggressive and feverish folk. Sometimes one thinks of Mike Oldfield and Cyndi Lauper. WILDEVE owns the simple beauty of a romantic gable high above a sunny glade.“
[HARMONIE #31, 1/97; from France]

„The songs are mainly based on acoustic arrangements. With tracks like ‘What a Man’, ‘Touch and Go’ or the marvellous ‘As the Days Go By’, WILDEVE impressingly show their skills. This is a really positive surprise for the hard life of a reviewer.“
[SPELLBOUND #6 May 1997; from Austria]

„I really like the CD very much. The vocals remind me of Cranberries, I personally also like stuff such as ‘Zombie’ and so on. The acoustic guitar pieces are, to my opinion, close to Donovan. The sleeve design is, I think, very professional.“
[HIAWATHA Mike Oldfield MAGAZINE, Ralph Weiss]


"WILDEVE already did several gigs in their local area with great success." [Stadtanzeiger, 1st Oct 1996]

"This was an unplugged gig with an acoustic instrumentation. Acoustic guitars, African percussion, and keyboards already set the direction of the music from the very beginning: songwriter rock with blues and folk influences, and melodies which were captivating the listeners."
[NWZ, 8th Oct 1996]

"WILDEVE want to reach the 'normal' people with their music, not just musicians. For Lili, good melodies and the right 'feeling' are very important." [NWZ, 28th Sept 1996]