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lili ... the voice

...the old line-up
lineup99-00 with Hardy, Alex, Lili, Mark
lineup99-00 with Alex, Hardy, Lili, Mark

...up to mid 2000:

Lili P. lead vox, keys, guitars, song-writing
Alex Mueller guitars 
Mark Ellis  bass 
Hardy Philipp  drums promo photographs coming soon!


hardy live 1999Lili playing Faithful Lover Basti from SHEEP
a moment of emotion

10Eyes+Daniel Steudel=Tourband '97 stratocaster flights

the dark side of the moon


 to be continued...

What happened in recent years?
Just read on...

    Retrospective 1995 - 2012
  • WILDEVE is founded in 1995; 1996 signing by an indie label located in northern Germany
  • release of debut album Touch and Go in November 1996
  • 1997: excellent nationwide press reviews ranging from Metal Hammer to Zillo, from Fachblatt Musikmagazin to Intro; from the big press to the underground...
  • the band got also feedback from abroad (Italy, France, Holland, Great Britain, Japan, USA etc.), although in those countries the album is only available via mailorder
  • the album got airplay on many local radio stations (e.g. Antenne 1/Stuttgart), but was also excessively played by a Dutch Station (Paperlate)
  • in 1997 there was a small tour in southern Germany, including several open airs with nationally well-known headliners such as Coalminers' Beat, Jule Neigel Band, Kinderzimmer Productions or Madonna Hip Hop Massaker, Die Happy.
  • with Andreas Walser and Extratours a professional live management  (e.g. Farmer Boys, In Extremo, Pyogenesis, Subway to Sally, Merlons) showed interest in the band
  • 1997 two compilations featured tracks by WILDEVE: the double CD Powerchild: Künstler helfen KOBRA (Blue Flame/BMG; thanx to Joe Casella), with Pur, Fool's Garden, Kriwanek etc.;and Tübinger Töne (Way Out Records)
  • Lili sings backings on a side project by ex-drummer Rudi Leichtle & keyboardist Martin Ziegler (from symphonic rock fame REJOICE)
  • in 1998 there were again many club gigs and open air concerts, with Dead Poets, Coalminers' Beat, Dannemann etc.
  • the band made two demos with Wolfgang Frieß, a session drummer who formerly played with the local based SMALLTOWN AGONISTS as well as Stuttgart based crossover band GALLERY; featuring on bass Aljosa "Joscha" Osmanovic, ex-OP3 & BONASH
  • 1999-2000: songwriting, demo recordings & pre-production for the next CD 
  • 2001: A few labels show interest in WILDEVE. After composing a new repertoire, the band starts to play live again. 
  • 2002: A new great rhythm section complements WILDEVE: J. P. Stables on drums and Bob Kachler on bass guitar. Many gigs are played and planned.
  • Lili continues to write and record songs with Hayo Well from 2003 - 2006, mastering in 2007, artwork and design from 2007-2008, new album out in late 2008
  • 2010 to present: mp3 digital downloads worldwide